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Typically, when we think about volunteering, we usually think of spending time helping out at your kid’s school, local soup kitchen, animal shelter, or beach cleanup. You probably didn’t think about making a difference from the comfort of your own home. Well, now you can! You can make a difference from your computer screen or smart phone without even leaving home.

In this global digital age, volunteering is definitely not what it used to be. Even though you want to volunteer, the demands of family, work, and social commitments often make it hard to find time to give back.

The answer is easy. More and more people are finding virtual volunteering a great alternative to traditional on-the-ground volunteer activities. It provides a viable way to blend your busy schedule with your desire to contribute to a charity or a great cause. You work where and when it suits you, whether it’s a few spare minutes over your lunch break, after you put your kids to sleep, or on the weekends.

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What are you good at? Do you have special skills or interests you’d like to share? If you’d like to do something to help improve the lives of children, check out our list of virtual volunteer opportunities below.  Then simply fill out the online application form, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Only have a minute or two? Then, check out some quick and easy ways to connect, engage, and take action.


Flexible Schedule

Online volunteering is perfect for people with busy schedules. Is your work day busy? That’s okay. The flexibility of a virtual volunteer project will easily align with with your availability and skill set. From simply re-posting social media to creating original content, we would be delighted to have your help!

No Commute

If mobility is an issue, or you don’t want to waste time driving long distances on busy freeways, then you can volunteer from the comfort of your own home.

Broader Reach

We all want to our efforts to make a difference. Online efforts are cost effective and help us reach far and wide. Our reach can even be global. Even one social media post can help raise awareness of the cause, so just imagine the extensive impact we could have with a unified voice!



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