Workshops & Training

American SPCC is dedicated to fostering a safe, nurturing, and empowering environment for children across the nation. Our workshops and training programs are designed to equip individuals, caregivers, and professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the well-being and positive development of our future generations.

Join us on a journey of learning, growth, and advocacy as we work together to create a brighter and more compassionate future for all children. Explore our offerings, discover new perspectives, and be a part of the change.

Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of children and the communities they call home.

Peaceful Discipline Parent Coaching Program

Learn practical strategies to help you move from being “stuck” in challenging behaviors to a much healthier place in your communication patterns with your family.

TalkingParents Webinar

“Secure Attachment & Co-Parenting: Creating a Safe Space for Children” will be an interview-style presentation and live Q&A session covering the four attachment styles a child can develop, placing emphasis on the healthiest form, secure attachment. The webinar will also describe how co-parents can help their children develop secure attachment, overcome differences in parenting styles between homes, and much more.