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Child Abuse Cases are Child Neglect


Kids & Teens Killed by Gun Violence Since 1999

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Sometimes a child or family may feel they have nowhere to turn when faced with a serious issue.

This Little Card (TLC) is a simple, smart, and free resource that reaches out to children and families to let them know where to find help when they need it.

Everyone can use a little TLC….


American Society for the Positive Care of Children | American SPCC offers the largest and most comprehensive collection of free online parenting resources. Through our Learning Center, we help ensure that every child has the chance to become an outstanding adult.

Our Impact: A Note from our Acting Director, Tina McMechen

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Why Do Kids Need Our Voice?

These are your stories. Stories of hope, bravery, and survival. This is why we do what we do… #ItsTime you are heard.

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