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Research has determined 7 specific Positive Childhood Experiences, or PCEs, that could be linked to a higher likelihood of positive health outcomes and a reduction in the negative outcomes associated with ACEs or toxic stress.

Individuals with high PCE scores have a higher ability to seek social and emotional support. Take the quiz below to find out your PCEs score!

For each “yes” answer, add 1. The total number at the end is your cumulative number of PCEs.

Before your 18th birthday:

#1. You were able to talk with your family about feelings.

#2. You had the sense that family is supportive during difficult times.

#3. You had the enjoyment of participation in community traditions.

#4. You had the feeling of a sense of belonging in high school.

#5. You felt supported by friends.

#6. You had at least two non-parent adults who genuinely cared.

#7. You had the feeling of being safe and protected by at least one adult in the home.



Your PCES Score

Your PCES Score

Prioritizing Positive Childhood Experiences

Whether you are feeling grateful for the good times of your childhood or grieving what you feel to be a low score, one thing we can all agree on is the desire to create experiences that the next generation can reflect on positively. American SPCC is here to help you ensure that the children in your life have the positive experiences you cherish or those you may have missed out on.

Download your free copy of Daily Tips to Create PCEs to start creating PCEs in your home today

What does my score mean?

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By being here, you’re impacting generations.

American Society for the Positive Care of Children is dedicated to preventing child maltreatment and raising awareness of the lifelong impacts of adverse childhood experiences by providing parents with the skills, tools, and educational resources that build their confidence and capacity as caregivers and create more positive childhood experiences. We’re able to continue providing resources like these free of charge to nearly 1,000,000 families who rely on us annually thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

Take action to reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences for the Next Generation Today.

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