What is Child Abuse

Child abuse needs to stop and education is the key.
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The Epidemic of Child Abuse

4.1 Million 

Child Abuse Cases


7.5 Million

Children Affected


5 Children Die

Every day from child abuse


What is Child Abuse?


Child abuse takes many forms, physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, neglect, exploitation, and more. When we speak of child abuse, we normally first think of physical abuse, but the shocking truth is neglect is the number one form of child abuse in America.

More children end up in foster care or die from neglect every year, than any other form of childhood maltreatment.

Child Abuse Stats


Child abuse victims are neglected


Of cases parents are the abuser

Sexual Abuse cases reported

The abuse may be brief, but the trauma lasts a lifetime.
Kids’ lives and futures are on the line!
Be the voice against neglect and contribute to end child maltreatment today.

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What is Child Abuse

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