Grandparents and Caregivers


Over the past several decades, family structures have changed dramatically. An increase in divorce rates and single-parent families, plus a decline in real wages and jobs paying a living wage have increased the need of parents to rely on extended family to assist with the care of their children.

Children who are nurtured and supported throughout childhood are more likely to thrive and develop into happy, healthy, and productive adults.


It is estimated that 6.5 million children in the United States currently live with at least one grandparent (Kreider, 2004), accounting for approximately 9% of all children nationally and more than half (56%) of those not living with their parents.1

The trend of grandparents caring for grandchildren is so great that new societal challenges have emerged. In May 2017 Senator Susan Collins of Maine, introduced bill S.1091 – Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act. 2

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