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To address the lack of resources available to Dads, and to help foster the caring, involved parenting Dads want to model – American SPCC has partnered with Dadditude, an accessible, self-care focused app for Dads.

Dadditude empowers dads to take on their most important role. As a self-coaching platform and support community for Dads, Dadditude helps the modern father feel validated in their struggle as fathers while providing research-backed content guides to improve their confidence and comfort as parents.

In the words of one of our Dads:

“It’s important to me to be a better Dad, and this app helps me understand how to improve myself for my family”.

We know you want to be a great Dad. But we also know how tough, stressful, and complex it is to feel like you’re doing a great job.

Daddittude is the app for becoming a happier, more confident Dad.



of fathers consider parenting central to their identity, but with lack of resources can find it overwhelming.


of dads admit they do not feel prepared for fatherhood, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and, in some, depression.


of fathers will show symptoms of depression within the first 5 years of their child’s life.

Key Features

  • Connect, and talk with other Dads in our community over shared experiences of parenting newborns, babies, toddlers, school-aged children, tweens, and teens.
  • Ask for tips from other Dads and share insights from your own expertise.
  • Listen to audio digests of bestselling parenting books.
  • Set reminders that fit your #dadlife
  • Ask our team of parenting experts for specific support on your personal/family challenges.
  • Read news about Fatherhood and the latest in Dad research.
  • Reflect on yourself, and grow as a Dad.
  • Explore positive changes in your family life. We’re all a work in progress.

    Get advice for Dads from parenting professionals in over 50+ self-coaching guides on topics such as:

    • Emotional Growth
    • Mental Wellbeing
    • Self-Care
    • Confidence
    • Discipline
    • Sleep (for you and your baby)
    • Sexuality
    • Building Strong Relationships with your Partner and Kids,
    • Family Planning
    • Healing
    • Stress-Reduction
    • Character Growth
    • Mental Health Support & Help
    • And much more!

      * Expert guides written by therapists, academic researches, parenting orgs, and awesome Dads. Reviewed by professionals in the field of health and parenting.

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      “It’s a great source of valuable information. It’s nice to get validation on your Dad feelings and thoughts”

      -App User


      “It stays on my mind for a long time, and I manage to look at myself over time as a parent, digest, and act on my behavior.”

      -App User


      “It gives me a reminder that being a Dad isn’t just hard for me, and also gives me pointers to be better for my kids.”

      -App User

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