Research backed. Family approved.

The Happy Child Parenting App.

American SPCC has partnered with the Human Improvement Project to bring you the Happy Child Parenting App!


Backed by cutting-edge research from top parenting experts in the field, The Happy Child is a new kind of parenting app to help families forge deeper bonds with their children.

Years of ground-breaking research and findings in Psychology, Neuroscience and Pediatrics have been curated into one easy-to-use app… for free (no in-app-purchases)!

No need to spend precious time combing through countless articles, reading lists, or listening to unsolicited advice. Our daily lessons will help you manage parental information overload by giving you science-based ways to increase the long-term happiness of your child.

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of users described The Happy Child
as “life-changing”


of users reported better relationships with their partner and children


of users continue to use the concepts in their family today

Key Features

  • Customized, science-based app
  • Short daily lessons that fit easily in your busy schedule
  • Knowledge you can immediately put into practice
  • Alerts and insights
  • Years of scientifically-backed research and findings


“I have really enjoyed this app. It has helped me think about my child and their emotions on a whole different level, and has helped me with new ways to understand my child and how to help them know that I am there for them! Such positive vibes! Parenting is hard, and if you are struggling how to cope with your child’s emotions, this app is a must. Thumbs up.”



“This app is seriously life changing. Having experienced a lot of the situations as a child and even as an adult, I find myself having so many light bulb moments. I’m a mother always looking to do my best for my child and this app has really helped me to understand where I can improve in my relationship with my child, and also how I can be a better friend, daughter and partner. Thank you for this information. I love it!”



“This app has been amazing. And for free! I have gone through a few lessons now and have learned SO MUCH! They are super short lessons, but packed with a ton of great information! Thank you to this app for helping me raise my daughter right and understand the way I need to interact with her!”