Our Impact


Each week, American SPCC is empowering thousands of families and caregivers to build brighter futures for our youth.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Prevention & Education
  • Empowerment
  • Community
  • Advocacy

Prevention & Education is at the core of what we do, by providing caregivers relevant, easy-to-read resources that are based on research and expert opinion. These materials are provided to anyone, at any time, with no cost, through the following areas:

  • Parenting Resource Center
    More than 75,000 people visit our Parenting Resource Center each month for information and support on topics such as Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), positive parenting, bullying, child safety, mental health, family relationship building, and more.
  • Parenting Toolkits
    Our life-changing Parenting Toolkits are available online and are also downloadable so caregivers of all kinds can save, print, share and utilize within homes, programs and educational settings.
  • Positive Parenting Blog
    Our weekly blog features conversations on relevant topics from subject matter experts and other parenting authorities who have firsthand knowledge about overcoming adversity, parenting challenges,and how to build stronger bonds within families and relationships.
  • Trusted Parenting Network
    By offering impactful resources to our community, members of our Trusted Parenting Network offer unique insights and solutions as subject matter experts on today’s top parenting topics.
  • The Happy Child App
    Our partnership with the Happy Child App helps us bring cutting-edge research on positive relationship building to caregivers across the globe. .Through short, impactful videos and interactive lessons, The Happy Child App helps users connect with their families, and raise happy, well-adjusted children.
  • The Brain Story
    Our partnership with the Brain Story Certification program offers our community the chance to understand how different experiences affect a child’s developing brain, and small steps can play a powerful role in positively shaping a child’s future.
  • Our Growing Social Media Community
    Through social media advocacy and education campaigns, we provide updated resources and uplifting messages to parents across the globe, while also building a network of caregivers who believe in brighter futures for our children.


Creating brighter futures for children in America! What a fantastic forward-thinking organization making a big impact in the lives of families who need it.

-Shannon M.


The top child maltreatment organization that exists in the US. Thanks for all the work you to protect and nurture tomorrow’s leaders!



My experience with the content that American SPCC provides as well as my interactions with those running the organization has been life changing. As a parent being able to implement some of the positive parenting resources they provide in my own day to day life has empowered me to be a more well rounded husband and father.  

-Alex B.


The work the American SPCC does is remarkable, above all their ability to reach so many through education with their resource library.  

-Vanessa G.


Working alongside American SPCC in an advisor role has not only been wonderful in terms of our collaboration, but fulfilling on a personal level as well. Getting a first-hand understanding of the incredible cause their team passionately progresses every single day is both inspiring and eye-opening. As an nonprofit organization, American SPCC believes that eliminating child abuse is a journey we must take together and actively involves the community, parents, caregivers, and child-facing organizations to join them in their important mission – providing the essential life-saving tools and leadership needed to drive this change.

-Anita G.

Our Commitment

American SPCC is committed to providing life-changing resources to families across the globe. We know that by empowering parents, caregivers, educators and child advocates with research-backed tools, resources, knowledge, and positive parenting support, we can break generational trauma and build brighter futures.

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