American SPCC has partnered with the Human Improvement Project to bring you


Our Impact

We’ve brought positive change to over 5,000,000 individuals and counting.

Backed by our passionate donors, we’ve made life-saving tools accessible to all through our Learning Center and are proud to be building better futures every day.

The Need

Child abuse will kill 1,800 children in the U.S.
this year…unless we act now.


That’s not a statistic we can see and do nothing about. Child abuse and neglect takes on many forms and whether caregivers are purposeful in their harmful behavior or simply misinformed, we need to act now. It’s our duty to be the voice for struggling children, put an end to the maltreatment and keep all kids safe.


The Answer

Simply put, it takes all of us.

We’re dedicated to serving families across America with our life-saving resources, but we couldn’t do it without you. We believe that the answer to eliminating child abuse lies in impactful education and are proud to make our Learning Center and The Happy Child app accessible to all.

The Impact

“This app is seriously life changing”

Allowing children to grow up in a safe, nurturing, and positive environment is our #1 goal. With our community by our side, we’re saving lives and increasing long-term happiness one step at a time. At American SPCC, we are committed to making a greater impact each day – our work won’t stop until child abuse does.