Keeping Kids Safe Online

We are proud to partner with Bark Parental Controls as a significant step toward helping ensure the well-being and safety of children across the globe. By joining forces with Bark, a cutting-edge digital safety platform, we are taking a proactive approach to address the ever-evolving challenges that children face in the digital age.

This partnership exemplifies our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of our nation’s youth in an era where technology plays a central role in their lives. Together, we aim to empower parents and guardians with the tools and knowledge they need to provide a safe and nurturing digital environment for their children.

Parental Controls Reimagined

Advanced content monitoring for all your kid’s devices

Bark monitors texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and social media platforms for signs of issues like cyberbullying, sexual content, online predators, depression, suicidal ideation, threats of violence, and more.
With content monitoring, you can get email and text alerts when Bark detects potential issues so you can talk to your child and make sure everything is OK.

Features & Benefits

Bark goes beyond device mirroring, using advanced AI to scan texts, social media, images, videos, and audio for threats like cyberbullying and pornography, ensuring unparalleled safety for your child.

Personalized insights & expert recommendations

Receive personalized reports on your child’s online activity and expert guidance with every alert, better equipping you to handle those challenging moments.

Bark Products

Bark Phone

Get the phone with custom controls and Bark’s monitoring built-in

Starts at $29


Bark App

Add Bark’s monitoring and parental controls to your kid’s device

Starts at $14


Bark Home

Set screen time limits on the devices in your home

Starts at $6


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