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Because of supporters like you, every dollar directly provides free and accessible positive parenting resources to families across the world.

Resource Kits

Being equipped with the knowledge, resources, and essential tools, allows us to be the parents, teachers, and caregivers that children around us need.

The following Resource Kits were developed to save lives, break abusive cycles, and help build the nurturing childhoods that empower children to thrive.

Now it’s up to all of us to learn, share, and help distribute these essential kits to all those in need.


From eye-opening statistics, to types of abuse you may not have known about, to learning to spot the signs, this section includes the tools needed to help you make a positive impact when it comes to ending child abuse.


Negative childhood events can become trauma that is carried forward into adulthood. Learning what these negative experiences look like and their effects, is essential to proactively preventing possible life-long trauma.


‘Foster Care’ and ‘Adoption’ are terms most of us are familiar with. But, what realities of these systems and impacts should we be mindful of to ensure we’re handling children’s experiences in the most effective way?


Positive Parenting looks different depending on your child’s age and stage of development. Understanding these altering focus points is essential to continuous healthy development.


Your child hiding their phone screen from you may mean more than just them wanting a bit of privacy. Bullying and cyberbullying can be detected if we are equipped with the most recent knowledge and know what to look out for.