Effects of Bad Parenting on Your Child

Jul 17, 2014 | Children, Family, Parenting

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It is every parents dream to have his or her child grow up into a responsible person. Even though every parent wishes the best for his or her child, at times bad parenting gets in the way of achieving this. Bad parenting has lots of negative effects in the life of your child. It is therefore important for each and every parent to evaluate his or her parenting skills so as to know the effects of such parenting on the child.
While it is impossible to be an all round perfect parent, it is never wrong to try and be the best that you can be. Since a parent guides the child, molding him or her into the person they ultimately become and also acts as a role model, bad parenting can spell destruction for your child. The most common parenting mistakes made include neglecting the child and not correcting him or her. This leads to a number of problems in the children.

Some of the common effects of bad parenting on children include


Inability to have long lasting friendships and relationships

This mostly happens when the child is not reprimanded or punished for the mistakes they make. The child therefore grows up knowing that he or she is in control and is ever right. He or she becomes a spoilt child who believes that he or she must always have their way in everything. This has negative effects on the relationships that the child gets into. Co existing with others becomes difficult and such a child is more likely to make more enemies than friends.

Bad parenting can also cause psychological disorders to a child.

This happens especially of the child grows up in a family where there is a lot of abuse whether physical or emotional. This also occurs when a child suffers from neglect as a child. Such children may have difficulty in making friend and trusting people as they find it easier to push people away than to open up.

Depression and low self esteem can also be caused by bad parenting.

A child who is never allowed to make decisions, and who is constantly criticized, belittled and who goes through abuse is likely to have low self esteem. It becomes worse when the child goes through sexual abuse as a child. Such forms of abuse are also known to make children more prone to violent behaviors. Children who are exposed to abuse and violence are likely to become violent people. They grow up believing that violence is the only way to solve issues.

Bad parenting makes a child more prone to criminal behaviors.

Neglected children and those who are exposed to abuse are more likely to be prosecuted for juvenile delinquency. Other common effects of bad parenting include failure to thrive and poor growth and development both physically and mentally. It can also lead to poor performance in school because his or her needs are not met at home. Children exposed to poor parenting are more likely to be withdrawn and stressed this negatively affects their performance.


  1. anon

    My parents are treating me bad right now. I don’t what to do but it’s put me in a bad depression. It makes me wanna kill myself..

    • sav

      it gets better, you will overcome the sadness.

    • Milena

      Hi! Have you tried talking to your parents about what are they doing and that affects you. Maybe then they may change their behavior.

      • hanady

        when our parents don’t see if i am a good girl that is a big problem and another thing when they love my sister more than me i can say in this way bad parenting they are

    • juju sunshine

      you will be okay it will get better i promise and if it dont tell someone before they hurt you more

    • proud wolmarian talk to me nice

      girl you don’t have to worry .. times will come that what your mom or dad have done to you they will regret and and you are going to have mental scar but you can go threw it only if you do it with god

      • Fancy

        “God” can remove years and years of physical abuse. The reason they are called scars is because what was there was left and got replaced with something stronger that will remind you only of pain

    • Zachary R Lewis

      The best remedy is to communicate to them how they make you feel, what they are doing to make you feel this way, and offer a more pragmatic way they can handle the circumstances the next time something similar arises. If they are not receptive withdraw and do not see or communicate with them for awhile, showing them you are hurt and serious about what you said. Your words will linger in their thoughts and they will eventually apologize if they care enough about you to want you in their lives. Always be sympathetic however. Hope this helps.

    • Lisa

      I am so sorry to hear this Anon, keep in mind that the best soldiers are posted at the front line of the worst battles. I acknowledge that this may sound metaphorical and stupid, but I, a stranger who is absent in your trials, believes in you. Death is a very easy exit, but you must struggle for life and for the motivation to experience it. There are no sunsets and starry nights, in the coffins we decompose in. Adversity is not a dead end street, it is simply, a detour-although a difficult one to overcome all the same. Be brave, my friend. My prayers and thoughts are with you, sucks to your parents, fore they demeaned a jewel.

    • Stefhania

      I know i’m replying late, and you don’t know who I am, but I know how it hurts. I know, and I’ve come very close to ending my life, but your parents DO NOT DEFINE YOU. They might have set you back, but you will catch up. I promise you, when you start to realize that you are worth the world and more, you will pity your parents, because their life will not get any better. they feed on your low confidence, and when you’re gone and thriving, they’ll be the ones shriveling up in the sun.

    • Sharon

      Please don’t. Pray and have courage you’ll over come. I was almost depressed too, but I fought it. I couldn’t let two people ruin my life

  2. annoymous

    I HATE MY PARENTS….all they do is illtreat me and treat me like a five year old girl

  3. carolyn

    i feel rejected sumtimes as my left and i have to stay with my dad who doesn’t undastand me a bit

  4. YH

    i am learning more in this criteria of knowledge to help myself get better(wish all the other sufferers will get through it)
    i longer want to waste my energy hating my parents, esp. my mom
    shes asbsolutely psychotic, im not cursing her, she is just abosolutely a psych patient who doesn’t live in a hospital instead, ruining my life
    so i have to help myself, otherwise, im going to watch myself sink and go crazy like her
    one thing im aware of it’s lack of love and attention. i had really had some suffering time in the school year, though i tried not to make myself look like a drama girl but, i, got myself involved into some messes.
    and now im in college, and attract creepy, weirdo professor(whom i found that he dressed like a submissive in female sexual custom with the picture posted on facebook)to harass me and i think it must be some of my behavior that led him to think in that way…because out of all girls, he picked me, that tells something. so
    i need to break this bond. that because my parents are terrible, and i dont get enough love and support and i tend to seek them from strangers….strangers who usually gives you warmth are not good in general!!!! people dont just suddenly start to try to care for others who’s also a stranger, not at that level. i get it if people are nice and offering helping hands, but not that kind of caring! not with that kind of look on their faces. so
    i need to break this bond!
    i mean, i cant be one of those people, i have had enough miserable experiences from my parents
    even i understand how much the influence the parenting will result in one’s growth
    i still need to break the bond


      hello YH. Thanks for the above comment, its good you have found the way forward to your life moreover what i think is a better choice, knowing the good is to leave by that GOOD. Its good to be responsible in life, however what choice we make in life has got many repucations, on ourselves or to those with whom we live with. Your actions can change the world.

  5. NZ

    My parents dont treat me bad always but they treat each other so harsh and terrible..
    Have you ever seen your dad crying?
    Absolutly not!
    But i’ve seen it 2times and my heart ached like it broke in 1000000000 peaces.
    Bcuz of these problems i have low selfsteem and i’m kinda depressed..
    It doesnt matter how hard i try to make friends or be social i fail everytime..
    And even if i succeed to make a friend the next time i see him/her i’ll reject her so bad without any reason.
    Ik i sound like a motherfuckin bitch but i feel so blue inside and i think none will understand me..
    What should i do 🙁

    • Lisa

      What you sound like, does not determine who you are NZ. Yes, I have witnessed my Father cry on multiple occasions, not to compete with you:) ZN, You’ve appealed to me as one of the bravest individuals who has ever commented, and I know my share of,as you have put in “drama queen”-although there have also been “drama kings” . You may feel blue, and I can not advise you on what to do. Where ever and whoever you are, I can not prescribe medication to low self-esteem; I just happen to be outgoing person, but you must love yourself, because as I’ve learned, often the people who surround us neglect to, or don’t express their concern. This is probably like asking the impossible, I may as well dare you to deploy yourself to the moon, but I assure you, I care. The art of earning friends relies very much on being the type of person you’d like to befriend in the first place, and if you reject your friends, why not amend it-don’t think, just do. It will not only better your relationships, but will demand courage, take a dose of it everyday. Courage and Optimism. I believe in you.
      -Blonde with Rainbow Veins

  6. Danny

    I have been struggling all my life with anger, depression and low self esteem. I don’t trust myself and I constantly want to make people happy and certainly can’t shake criticism. I want to stop listening to people and start trusting myself. I had some rough places in my childhood and I am trying to figure out what caused what and move on.


    When was a kid my father oftenly scold me when we’re having our meals. It felt like when he is around I always have a mistake. As a kid back then I was inferior and easily angered and we are not that close, we dont have that kind of bonding like a dad and a son do. But as I can observe during my adolescent stage until now its a Good thing that I can manage to build my self condidence but sometimes, still I easily get upset when things gone a little bit bad. Remembering what kind of father he was back then is making me think that it was his fault making me the man I am right now.
    Right now I striving to be a better person I dreamed i will be. A brave person that stand to face all challenges waiting ahead of me and someday to be Dad mature enough to teach and guide his child. This is my pledge to myself.

  8. abdulla

    my parents treat me bad that sometimes it makes me think that as soon as i get a job i will leave and not take or care about my responsibilities towards them because i hate them they make me think that if i get good grades i will get a present but they dont know that i know they would not get me anything because it happened to me three times so now i dont care if i get good grades because i would not get anything for the hard work for example before 2 years i would get 7 out of 8 but now i get from 3-5 out of 8 because i dont care

    • Person

      You should still try in school even if you don’t get rewarded. School is a privilege that shouldn’t be wasted on not caring. This may have been a while ago but you should try as hard as you can as it can go on record for colleges, etc. Just some advice 🙂

  9. abdulla

    The problem is that i live in the middle east and there is not much attention to child abuse so you are lucky to live in america you have hotlines to call but here is nothing for child abuse

    • Jessica S Andrews

      They don’t care here either in this bullshit, moronic, Nothing but dumb, pansy-ass country, babe. I absolutely hate it and i wish things were different. I know because I’ve dealt with the shot. So I decided to change my major from automotive to behavioral psychology so I can have a better understanding of the core problem. I’m trying hun, so you need to too!:)

  10. abdulla

    just reading all the comments and the hotlines and the descriptions makes me cry believe now that i am writing the comment i a, crrying

  11. Philiswa Dangazele

    I am suffering from major deprwasion and anxiety I also have panic attacks. I stay with my 8 year old son, I always shout at him without even noticing that I am shout and realize later that I was not supposed to shout. I sometimes bit him so hard for no reason. I need help I can see I’m a very bad parent and this bad behaviour of mine will affect my child psychologicaly. I pray to God for forgiveness but I keep on repeating the same thing time and again. I really need help and also my child I think he needs therapy.

    • American SPCC

      Thanks so much for being so candid and reaching out for help. We highly recommend that you contact the 24/7 National ChildHelp Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD immediately, or click here. Plus, here are a couple of parenting hotline numbers that may be able to offer you further guidance and assistance.
      National Parent Helpline® 1-855-4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736)
      24 hour Parent Helpline: 1-888-435-7553
      Please reach out immediately to these resources. We have also sent you a direct email.

  12. Anonymous

    My friend’s step parents arent violent physically but emotionally and mentally. Its funny because people say bad parenting leads to a bad child, but this situation is different. He has a job, very responisible, has respect towards himself and others until he reaches home. For someone whose in bad condition, he’s parents treat him like dirt. They yell at him to do things and out of a family of 7 , he gets the only earful of disrespect. He despises getting angry because it’ll lead to unexpected violence. I dont know whether to confront his parents and put him in a much worse postition or take this to court and the slight fact of being homeless. So help me out here, help me get him out with a future he can live with.

  13. james

    My mother brought me in to this world and has almost taken me out of this world several times. I have often wondered why someone could treat someone like this and how could she actually make me believe to love me, when all she does is put me down, disrespect me, lie to me, treat me like a chid, and play games on something as precious as the sacred love a Mother and Son can have. This relationship is precious and something I have always struggled with especially when all she communicates with me is anger, distrust, hatred, and negativity. the perfect remedy for a healthy relationship right? or a perfect reason to jump off a cliff and while falling she would profess say she loved me and express the regret in having me as a Son and turn her back on me again and again and be ok with that…… It’s sad that the ones who are supposed to train us and love us are the ones that beat us, lie to us, and hurt us the most and feel this is the most effective way to parent. Whats sad is, I wish my mother all the karma she deserves for her actions in life, and for me, the forgiveness and strength to do what I can to always be there for her and to applaud myself for being there even though I knew how she was and how she is in hopes that things would change is a hope I still hope for but the lamp light is fading and I cant hold on any longer…Unlike her I will continue to be all I can be, and change if change is needed, in hopes that I never treat anyone or anything in the manner in which she has unleashed on me for 40 years. or at least show people I care by making the changes need to do my part to show people that I care. I love you Mom and YOU have what it takes to be that special human being/mother and if there is anything I can do to help you get there and to stay there, I would love to do so because you are my Mom….. I love you and I will always be there for you as long as you behave like a loving Mother. We all make mistakes in life, Im just sick of feeling like I was the only one you made..

  14. shawn

    I have talked with my daughter about schooling gotten her into iep program and have stayed on her all year long. her mother and i are separated i left because she was a horrible person my daughter doesn’t do most of her school work in school she tries to get away with not doing it at all and mom isnt enforcing school work on her days during the week so i am left carrying the torch for past due projects and school work on a constant weekly basis i have been grounding her and having her write sentences doing burpies and squats and every week she makes the same promise to do better she even promised to be more responsible the following week! that promise was broken and i lost it this week i took a belt to her ass its only the second time in her life she has had it and i made her do work 2 hours of me explaining the same problem every way i could and swatting her for multiple stupid answers in a row i have had it with this crap i have tried to raise this kid with respect and guidance and tried to give her all i could and i just feel it doesnt do anything she doesnt follow any directions she does whatever she considers fun even if she knows its against the rules and has been told numerous times not to what do you do with a kid like this??????? i am so tired of it and out of ideas other than the fear of god through corporal punishment

    • jimmy

      Well I am not a expert at this kind of stuff but what has been done to me in the past is that my parents will ground me to my room and watch me until I get all of my homework done. Then i can do all of my other activites.

  15. Good parent

    LoL everyone giving a sympathetic reply to the kid… you have no clue what the mom is doing or how this kid is in real life. Yet giving the kid exactly what he wants, a crowd to get validation from.


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