Brain Story – Brain Architecture

In our first ‘Sharing the Science’ topic, we’ll focus on understanding brain development by comparing a house’s construction to the construction of children’s brains.


Like a house is built step-by-step – first laying the foundations, then creating the rooms and wiring the electrical system – our brains are built in a similar way. Just as the quality of the materials is important in building a house, the quality of experiences during childhood is important to building children’s brains.

After all, it’s during childhood that positive experiences build the foundations of brain architecture.

destressing tips - shaken baby syndrome prevention

Like improving or rebuilding the architecture of a house – refurbishing rooms, strengthening foundations – the brain can also be improved and rebuilt following childhood trauma through an active process of maintenance and care from supportive, trusted adults.

destressing tips - shaken baby syndrome prevention

Remember, brain architecture can be built throughout childhood, adolescence and even into adulthood (Shonkoff et al, 2008).

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