Parent’s Guide to Providing a Positive and Memorable Childhood

May 19, 2023 | Parenting

When you were a child, do you remember those moments where everything just felt amazing? It can be that you got an exemplary report card, and your parents rewarded you or you remember one of the best birthdays you ever had. We all had those moments in our childhood we remember fondly. Now, you have children of your own and want to make sure their childhood is a positive one. Thing is, you’re probably not sure what to do. What can you do to provide a positive and memorable childhood? Here’s a parent’s guide to providing a positive and memorable childhood.

Review Finances

If there’s one thing that can throw a wrench into your plans, it’s being disorganized with your finances. Not only is it difficult to budget, but it can also impact on your overall financial stability. Money issues can, unfortunately, severely impact someone’s childhood. Having a large amount of debt, for instance, can make everything 10 times harder than usual. This is why you need to pay it off as soon as you can. Take student loans for example; they can help you get an education, but it also means going into thousands of dollars of debt fast.

If you’re still paying off your student loans and you noticed the current rate is too much to handle, you do have a great option: student loan refinancing. Student loan refinancing is when you take what you still owe and turn it into a brand-new loan. Refinancing is a great way to reduce your monthly expenses. There are private lender options available but be sure to consult to see what the requirements are before proceeding. It’s a good idea to review your own credit before you get started so there are no surprises at the application.

Actively Communicate with Your Child

Communication is key in just about everything in life and your children are no different. In fact, actively communicating with your child can have a very positive effect on their mental and emotional well-being. Although they may not see things as adults do, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take what they say seriously. Children deserve to be given explanations, albeit in a simplified way, just as any other person. Granted, communication is a two-way process; you need to set clear boundaries. If there’s ever an issue that needs resolved, come up with solutions with your child.

Spend Meaningful and Quality Time Together

There’s a stark difference simply having your children in the same room as you work and then actually engaging with them. Everyone’s childhood is based on how much time we spend with our parents. Do you remember when you were little, and you asked your parents to go somewhere fun? Your child will want the same from you. Whether it’s going somewhere memorable to simply playing with them, your child will reflect on the time they spent with you as some of the best.

Keep Conflict at a Minimum

We’re not going to lie in that you and your children will eventually come into conflict. In fact, it’d be a little abnormal if there wasn’t some type of argument or disagreement. However, keeping the conflict at a bare minimum is part of strength based parenting and also vital to the relationship you have with your children. If you’re constantly at odds with your children, it can cause them to have problems down the road, especially as they get older.

Your children may do something that really gets your blood boiling. Maybe you did something that greatly upset your children. Problem solving is a crucial skill to have here as you’ll need to get to the bottom of went wrong. Don’t shrug away their feelings simply because you’re the parent. Abusing your parental authority to get away with what your children doesn’t like can greatly strain your relationship with them.

Surprise Them on Occasion

If there’s one thing that can make your children feel loved and special, it’s adding a little surprise here and there. It can be a small gift, a heartfelt note in their lunchbox or even surprising them with that puppy they’ve always wanted. Moments like these can really mean the world to them. They’ll look back and remember what you did for them simply because you cared. 

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