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The Trusted Parenting Network harnesses the power of the internet to further American SPCC’s mission of bringing meaningful parenting support to families across the globe.

From offering impactful resources to hosting online interviews, members of our Trusted Parenting Network offer unique insights and solutions as subject matter experts on today’s top parenting topics.

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Meet our Trusted Parenting Network Member

Tracy Kawa

Author, Speaker, Coach, Community Advocate

Tracy Faith Kawa is an Author, Speaker, Coach, and Community Advocate!

“When we have a genuine passion for our professional pursuits, our happiness and sense of fulfillment increase, radiating into every aspect of our lives.”

Tracy has spent twenty five years in the fields of personal & professional branding, and business & professional development. In her first book, “The Seven Pillars of Reinvention: Finding Your Passion & Purpose,” Tracy walks you through ‘the right’ career path questions. In her second book, “Faith, Hope, & Options – A Mid-Career Transitioner’s Bible,” Tracy shares her system for career development and identifying your calling.

To support you in fast-tracking your career, Tracy applies her experience and perfected process using the K-BAT, the Kawa Business Assessment Tool, leading an insightful, dedicated team of Coaches in implementing its proven science.

In addition to her direct work with clients, Tracy is also highly respected for her leadership and advocacy. As co-founder of a youth center, Tracy continues to serve on several committees and organizations dedicated to helping families and vulnerable populations.

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