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The Trusted Parenting Network harnesses the power of the internet to further American SPCC’s mission of bringing meaningful parenting support to families across the globe.

From offering impactful resources to hosting online interviews, members of our Trusted Parenting Network offer unique insights and solutions as subject matter experts on today’s top parenting topics.

Meet our Trusted Parenting Network Member

Number Story

Bringing awareness to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Number Story exists to bring awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), childhood adversity, and the lasting effects of toxic stress, and to promote healing strategies, hope, and resilience. Science has proven the relationship between stressful childhood experiences – like abuse, neglect, or witnessing violence – and health impacts well into adulthood. Other challenges – like poverty, racism, and discrimination – can result in similar outcomes.
Number Story is a platform for learning and sharing that what happened to us does not define us. The effects of ACEs and toxic stress are both treatable and preventable. We can access tools and resources to help us heal, and help shape the future for ourselves and our children.

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