The Trusted Parenting Network

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The Trusted Parenting Network harnesses the power of the internet to further American SPCC’s mission of bringing meaningful parenting support to families across the globe.

From offering impactful resources to hosting online interviews, members of our Trusted Parenting Network offer unique insights and solutions as subject matter experts on today’s top parenting topics.

Meet our Trusted Parenting Network Member

Dr. Kirnel Grishby

President and CEO of REACH A.K.G. Education Consultants LLC

Dr. Kirnel Daniel Grishby is a native West Indian from the island of Dominica. As an immigrant and first-generation scholar, Dr. Grishby is a product of the urban public school system and has fostered a passion for supporting youth from marginalized, underserved, and underrepresented populations in cultivating their often un-tapped potential.

Dr. Grishby graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Agnes Scott College, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. She then earned her Doctor of Philosophy in School Psychology from Georgia State University, specializing in urban school psychology training and practice, both at the university and school district level.

Personifying the term, “Virtual School Psychologist”, Dr. Grishby is passionate about creating a supportive online network for practicing and prospective urban school psychologists. Through her love for psychology and education, Dr. Grishby bridges the gap between urban parents, teachers, and school psychologists.

Her mission, encourage dialogue and establish collaboration in a safe space. Such collaboration directly addresses the complex needs of youth who are “at-risk” of academic, cognitive, social, behavioral, and emotional difficulties, as well as those from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

As the President and CEO of REACH A.K.G. Education Consultants LLC, Dr. Grishby is a full-time entrepreneur and small business owner with experience in both the public school system, as well as in the private practice sector. She provides the necessary training, resources, and support to collectively facilitate systemic change, and to dismantle the deficit discourse within urban schools.

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