Top Tips for Professional & Pregnant Women

Nov 16, 2023 | Education, Parenting, Pregnancy

Thankfully, the Western world has moved on leaps and bounds from the days whereby women were not only expected but whose only option was to, stay at home and raise children, keeping the house clean and the husband’s dinner on the table.

These days, not only is it more than possible to have a long, successful, and pioneering professional career at the same time as being the best mommy to your children, but in an effort to help you achieve this balance, continue reading.

Here are some top tips for professional and pregnant women.

Pay Extra Attention to Food & Drink

Your medical doctor, nurses, and midwife will have, or shortly will, outline the key foods and drinks to avoid while pregnant, and combining this with your own knowledge and experience, and you are unlikely to have any slip-ups.

However, not only is it important to focus on what you are consuming daily, but also make sure you have at least four generous servings of calcium, as well as omega-3 supplements and folate, every day (unless your doctor has advised otherwise).

Furthermore, if you have a supporting partner, or else loving and nearby close friends or family members, further on into your pregnancy when you are naturally feeling more tired than normal and perhaps even less motivated to go to work, let alone prepare healthy foods for lunch, you could always assign this particular task to them.

Know Your Rights!

Whether you think you may be experiencing discrimination at work because you are carrying a baby, or else are living with another situation causing understandable levels of stress, you should contact a reputable law firm. The same rule applies should you experience any medical malpractice, such as birth injury paralysis, or a botched c-section.

Being aware of your rights, both in the context of your personal finances and your professional workplace, will eradicate the possibility of being mistreated, or indeed, more specifically, will always make sure the person or company are held accountable for their actions.

Try for a Good Night’s Sleep: Every Night

Everyone knows the importance of sleep, but now you are pregnant, you need to make sure that you are getting between nine and eleven hours of sleep each and every night, and even though you may return from work ‘buzzing’, you need to find ways of relaxing and calming down both your mind and your body.

Sleep is essential for ensuring strong and constant blood flow to the fetus, but prolonged periods of too-little sleep and downtime could negatively impact your pregnancy and also the labor and delivery of your baby.

Helpful suggestions for getting a proper and restful sleep while pregnant include:

  • Avoid alcohol entirely (for myriad reasons)
  • Stop using your smartphone and tablet in bed
  • Get plenty of fresh air every day
  • Invest in a high-quality pregnancy pillow to help your sleeping position
  • Find ways of managing stress levels that work for you
  • Limiting your coffee and tea drinking

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