Tips to Better Cope with Bullying at Home

Feb 18, 2020 | Uncategorized

Bullying can have serious consequences for everyone, but kids tend to be vulnerable to bigger repercussions, for this reason it is important for us all to understand bullying in general, from what it is, to circumstances under which it can happen and even how to help a child cope with it.

Stopping bullying might be impossible by just adapting your home with a safe space for your kids but creating a comforting environment could, in turn, help increase the children’s confidence.

There are many different forms of bullying, but the most common ones are:

  • Verbal bullying.
  • Physical bullying.
  • Disability harassment.
  • Cyber bullying.

Kids don’t usually admit being bullied to their parents because it can seem embarrassing or they can feel uncertain of the reaction they could receive. Looking out for these common signs might help identify if a child is being bullied:

  • Not going to the bathroom at school.
  • Getting upset after a call or text.
  • Losing or changing friends.
  • Being isolated.
  • Stopping or changing activities they enjoyed.
  • Usage of negative statements and self-talk.

We all can be victims of bullying but the stress it causes can be particularly troubling for kids or they might not know how to stand up to bullies. These are some actions that can be taken at home to help if your child is being bullied:

  • Talk to them before any form of bullying can happen. Tell them to approach you or another adult if they feel the need to talk about it.
  • Remaining calm and supportive will help your child feel safe.
  • Listen to what your child has to say.
  • Don’t retaliate.
  • Teach them about how to react to a bully.
  • Monitor and supervise your kid’s digital presence.
  • Talk to school administrators and teachers who can help.

Bullied kids can often times feel stressed out, anxious, and depressed and creating a safe environment for them can go a long way in helping your children relax and thrive at home. These are some suggestions:

  • Create a designated area where your kid can retreat. It could be a temporary homemade fort in your family room.
  • Give them a journal and a fun pen to start writing, or set up a space in your house to create art.
  • Identify the things your kids are good at and encourage them to explore those talents.
  • If your kid is being cyber bullied moving their computer out of their bedroom will help you keep a better eye on their online activities.
  • For parents of kids with disabilities, make sure your child has social support and an outlet that’s supportive of their abilities and talents.

Facing bullying is a daunting task for any parent, but with these tips and advice in hand, you’ll be able to increase your child’s confidence at home and help them to better cope with bullying.

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