Summertime Safety During Times of Covid

Jun 17, 2021 | COVID-19, Families, Positive Parenting

Staying safe during the covid-19 pandemic is even harder during the summer. While most countries are reopening their doors to travelers, people should be aware of the pros and cons of engaging in such activities. 

To make ensure your family stays safe, you should take some precautions this summer. Making sure that you’re all set to go (healthy and strong) is an important part of the process, so get on it. We will be looking at the best safety measures and ways to prevent yourself from getting infected. We will start by asking common questions about the virus and then, provide you with helpful tips. 


Common Questions About Covid-19 This Summer

Here are some of the most important questions to ask this summer.

  • Can viruses die during the summer?

While some of them decrease in warmer temperatures, they do not die. Therefore, we should still be aware of the precautions presented.

  • Are enclosed spaces more dangerous to be in?

Yes, enclosed spaces raise the contact risk. However, if you’re careful and keep some distance between you and others, you should be fine. 

  • Should I spend time apart from my family and friends?

Spending time apart from your family and friends is never a good idea, so no – you should not. What you should do instead is make sure that your family and friends know the risks of contracting the virus and test themselves if they begin to show symptoms. Seeing other people is a great idea, especially after so much time away from the social world. It can help you stay positive.

  • Can I eat out?

Yes, you can eat out but make sure you pick a less crowded restaurant. If you’re traveling to a popular city, don’t go for the central restaurants, try the local ones away from the city center. They’re usually better anyway.

  • Can I go swimming?

You could but doctors do not recommend it. This summer, choose to hit the mountains and go on a nice hike instead or use your home pool. 

  • Can I travel?

If restrictions allow it, you can definitely travel. Just make sure that you’re taking care of yourself, wash your hands often, and exercise as much as you can. This will help improve your immune system and make you less likely to get sick.

  • Should I still wear a mask while shopping for groceries?

Most doctors recommend it. It really depends on the regulations of the place you’re traveling to. Check them often to stay updated. 


How To Stay Safe This Summer 

Here are some of the most important tips on how to stay safe this summer, regardless of the virus. These tips are important, especially if you’re planning to travel. They can keep you healthy and in shape throughout your holiday months. If you’ve already traveled and have experiences to share, please leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from our readers. 

1. Stay hydrated

Water is the source of life, so you need to stay hydrated this summer to remain healthy. If you’re a caffeine lover, this is especially important to you. Drink at least one gallon of water per day and consume foods high in water content such as soups or stews, fruit juices, smoothies, or sports drinks.

2. Use a good sunscreen

Sunscreen is super important for your skin and body overall, so make sure you use one that fits your needs. You should go for an option that has high SPF, especially if you’ve suffered from problems before or if your skin is sensitive to burning. Reapply sunscreen every two or three hours, depending on your exposure. 

3. Stay away from too much alcohol

While consuming alcohol is tempting during the summer, try to think of the disadvantages of doing so. Not only does it affect your body to the point of exhaustion (dehydration), but it also boosts depression and causes psychosis, if used in large quantities. Consume it in moderation!

4. Take good care of yourself 

Relax! Live life happily while making sure that you’re staying as healthy as you can. Don’t worry too much, everything will turn out okay. Just be patient and conscious of changing restrictions and guidelines. 

5. Take time for your mental health

Start a daily meditation practice or journal. Whichever activity you choose, make sure that you’re taking care of your mind. This last year has been exhausting for many, so letting your emotions out and engaging in relaxing activities is important. Travel if you can, it will be good for your soul. 

Stay safe this summer by being mindful of traveling. In a nutshell, you can travel, but you’ve got to pay attention to whom you come into contact with. Wearing a mask is not always completely necessary but it’s recommended. However, in some countries, wearing a mask is mandatory, so make sure you check each state’s requirements. Stay safe and enjoy yourself this summer!


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