Scholarly Articles


Scholarly Articles

What are Scholarly Articles?

Q.- What is a Scholarly article

A study, review, paper, dissertation, written for academic or research purposes that has been reviewed by an institutional or peer review board.

Q.-Why are scholarly articles important?

Almost anything can now be found on the internet, with little indication given about the credibility of the information presented. Today, reputable, professional news sources are mixed in with sites like The Onion,, which claims to be “America’s finest news source,” but is actually filled with comedic and satirical stories. Scholarly articles present more credible information than the average internet article due to vetting by a rigorous review process, research and publishing requirements. These articles are often written in educational and/or research settings, are peer reviewed, and are written by or in conjunction with experts in a particular field of study.

Q.-Why is the ASPCC including scholarly articles?

Most colleges and universities provide access to article databases; many have special access to particular journals. Scholarly research may also be obtained, to a more limited extent, at public libraries. The “google scholar” search function,, allows you to search the internet for scholarly articles. However, many journals and authors require payment for articles or a subscription in order to access their work. To find in-depth research on a particular subject,  look at the resources used by most authors. An author’s sources are often listed under the heading “works cited,” or “resources,” or in parenthesis after a quote or indirect citation. Please email us if you have a request for a specific scholarly article. We will respond as quickly as possible.