Online Therapy Is the Next Buzz in Town

Feb 5, 2024 | Education, Family

Now&Me, a mental wellness application listed among the top 100 applications, claims that online therapy is the next buzz in town. With the world reporting high amounts of stress, Now&Me wanted the audience to get a new-age experience by providing them with good quality content recommendations, self-help kits, a like-minded community, and instant support from experts.

How did they do this?

They introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Therapy, a test drive for online therapy for anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions that includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to the user’s preferences and is best suited for individuals who have a heavy-hectic schedule.

To make this absolutely seamless, they created a panel of highly qualified experts, from which people can choose an expert of their liking and talk to them anytime of the day. Along with this, to keep people motivated, they created an Online Community, where people on the same journey or with the same experiences can connect and share their feelings openly.

Not only this, but for people who are not ready for therapy or are more into self-healing, Now&Me created a Self-Help Kit that contains daily affirmations, journaling prompts, and meditation techniques that push them to kickstart their mental well-being journey at an affordable price.

Recently, Now&Me also launched a mental health AI assistant, Nemo, with whom users can ask and share anything and everything to get the right direction and get connected to the right therapist.

With the world shifting its focus more towards technology and AI advancements, Now&Me wishes to provide people with the help and care that wasn’t available so openly before. In today’s time, loving oneself openly is celebrated and that is what motivates Now&Me to help more people experience this feeling without any guilt or embarrassment.

Therefore, to make people live their lives without having to please anyone, Now&Me made sure that online therapy is the next buzz in town by giving birth to next-gen techniques like short versions of therapy, GenZ articles, and sharing your feelings anonymously with a like-minded community and a mental health AI assistant.

However, it is also important from the user’s end to make efforts to consistently show up for therapy and make time to keep themselves active and happy. Being mentally healthy is not something that is already ingested in every human; it has to be practiced and an effort has to be made. Simple acts such as journaling, meditation, going on solo trips, spending time with yourself, spending time with loved ones, working out, eating a proper meal, and drinking plenty of water can help with this.

To sum up, the mantra of Now&Me is to help people celebrate themselves and take advantage of modern tools of therapy. So, this is your chance to book your session with Now&Me and get connected with your choice of therapist to headstart your mental wellness journey.

Download the app, and our mental health assistant will provide you with the right tools, a therapist, and anything else that concerns you right away!

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