How to Be Safe With Baby In The Car

Jan 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

The biggest job we have as parents is to keep our little ones safe no matter where they are and especially when they are in the car. Which can prove difficult to do, especially with so many people out there that become distracted while driving because they are eating, texting, talking on the phone, or simply dancing to music without being conscious of the drivers around them.

That’s why there are some valuable tips that parents can follow that will not only be beneficial, but they will also be safe for your little one as you travel from point A to point B. Following safety tips for your children while they are in the car can be the difference between life and death for your precious children.

Seatbelts are a must

A huge safety tip is to always make sure that your children wear their seatbelts. This is because should you be involved in an accident or have to stop abruptly the safety buckle may be the only thing that keeps your child from flying out of their seats and injuring themselves.

Make sure that your children wear the buckle properly as well. They shouldn’t move the seat belt behind them or tuck it under their armpit; it may not be the most comfortable thing to wear but as parents, I think we would rather our child be safe than compromise the proper way to wear a seatbelt because it’s uncomfortable.

No distraction zone while driving

It is extremely easy, especially as parents to become distracted while driving, whether it is by your children needing something or just doing the parenting thing and checking your rearview mirrors to ensure they are okay.

Unfortunately, while you may think you’re doing the right thing ( I am guilty of it too) that split second your eyes are off the road is enough to cause an accident. Keep your eyes on the road at all times that’s the safest thing you can do to make sure your children are kept safe.

Get the right booster seat

There are three different types of seats that are available for children the infant seat, convertible seat, and the booster seat. The infant seat is for newborns up to twenty-five pounds.

The convertible seat can either be used front facing of rear-facing but is usually the seat to help your children not only transition to a bigger seat and also go from back to front-facing. And a booster seat is since your child is front-facing and should be used until they are tall enough to sit in the car without assistance.

Choosing the right seat is important because a seat that is too big or too small will not provide adequate protection that your child needs. And moving them to another seat before they are ready can also put them at risk of injury of you all are involved in an accident.

Play nursery rhymes or pack toys

Remember how we said you need to ensure that you are in a no distraction zone? Well a great way to minimize distractions is through the use of nursery rhymes. Children love nursery rhymes and enjoy singing at the top of their lungs.

Sing longs are a great way to keep your children engaged during the ride and minimizes the likelihood that they will want to get out of their seats and wander through the car. Usually, a child will use so much energy singing that they end up putting themselves to sleep.

The same goes for the use of toys during the trip. Bringing small toys or giving each child a coloring book and crayons will allow them to keep busy and then before they know it you have reached your destination safe and sound.


We hope that the tips we have given you will allow you and your children to enjoy more car rides and travel safer than you have before. You can’t control other drivers on the road but you can control what you do in your vehicle that can help minimize the risk of accidents or injury when your children are in the car with you.

Take your time and ensure your children are aware of what you expect from them when you all get into the car

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