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How we treat our kids matters. Children who are nurtured and supported throughout childhood are more likely to thrive and develop into happy, healthy and productive adults. All kids deserve a good chance at life! It starts in childhood.

Assistance for Teen & Young Moms

Nurse-Family-Partnership-logoNurse-Family Partnership gives first-time moms valuable knowledge and support throughout pregnancy and until their babies reach two years of age.

Financial Assistance

If a pregnant woman or new mother is having difficulty paying for health care for herself and her infant, she can contact state and local health departments to find out what programs are available in her area and how she might qualify for services.

  1. Women, Infants and Children
  2. InsureKidsNow!
  3. Office on Women’s Health, US Dept. of HHS

A social worker at a local hospital or social service agency can also direct her to low or no cost medical and counseling services. Some areas also have community clinics that provide free care to women and children.

Additional Help Resources


Quick Reference Numbers

National Parent Helpline® 1-855- 4A PARENT (1-855-427-2736)
24 Hour Parent Helpline: 1-888-435-7553
Crying Baby Hotline: 1-866-243-2229
Fussy Baby Warmline: 1-888-431-BABY

Never Shake a Baby!


We thank all those who are protecting our kids and keeping them safe every single day.