Empower Your Child By Displaying Their Art In Your Home

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You want the best for your child, so you feed them healthy foods, manage screen time, encourage outdoor play, and help them with school. But what are you doing to empower them?

One way to empower your child to take on the world and think independently is so simple that you’re probably staring at the answer right now. Displaying your child’s art is an excellent way to improve the decor of your home and give your child a lasting sense of value and purpose. Let’s take a look at why displaying your children’s art is such a critical part of their childhood.

Builds Self-Esteem

Children explore the world through creation and imagination. When your child brings a piece of art from a simple idea to a physical representation, they’re proud. Displaying the final result shows them that you’re proud of their efforts, too. The work involved in creating that art, whether at school or at home, is important to them, and you should reward that effort.

Displaying art allows your child to understand that the focus is on effort rather than on perfection. It shows them that you value their hard work and creativity, encouraging them to build essential self-motivation skills necessary to survive in the adult world. When children see that their parents have confidence that they can accomplish what they set their minds to do, it has a cascading effect on their self-worth.

Develops Personal Understanding

As your child matures, their art will change. Displaying artwork from different times in their lives allows them to visualize their development and reflect on how their understanding of the world has changed. It can also help them develop something called “growth mindset.” They’ll see how their art started and be able to identify the ways they’ve improved over time through practice and imagination.

Part of children’s maturation process is learning to identify critical components of their identityand how that shapes them. Art exploration is a crucial part of that exploration. Accepting who they are becomes a visual reminder each time you and your children look at their art hanging in a public space in your home. It tells them you accept them and publicly support their growing identities.

Encourages Creativity And Independence

A creative child is better able to make sense of the world. Creativity is a highly valued skill, not just in childhood, but in the adult world too. A creative child now may become an industry’s most prolific innovator later.

Creativity is a skill that must be developed. While you don’t have to display every piece of art they create, putting effort into their favorite pieces not only encourages them to continue with their creative effortsbut shows them the fruits of their labor. In education, a vital part of the process is a public display, and the same concept could work in your own home.

You can also foster their independenceby allowing them to decide where the art should go. This encouragement is particularly effective they can also choose how to decorate their rooms. They can define their space within your home and also be reminded of their artistic accomplishments daily. Defining their spaces also encourages exploration and independent thinking.

The Power Of Art

Empowerment matters because children must develop the necessary skills to succeed as adults. They must be able to think critically and independently, build enough coping skills to be resilient in the face of challenges, and understand the role of effort in success. That kind of intrinsic motivation and growth mindset comes from a childhood full of support and encouragement, so building those experiences into childhood is necessary.

Displaying art is an easy component of that parental encouragement children crave. Art itself is an excellent tool for building physical, mental, and academic ability, but it’s not just the act of creation. The biggest follow through could be seeing their efforts displayed on the wall and knowing that their parents believe in them not only in words but in action as well.

Displaying Your Child’s Art

There are multiple creative ways to display art from your children. Everything from frames and clips allowing you to change out art over time to printing out their most treasured pieces onto lasting materials like canvas, whatever you decide, the most important part is showing your child your support.

This article was written by CanvasPop.

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