Donate Stock

Donating stocks is a great way for donors like you to contribute to a nonprofit organization without having to write a check. Simply click the “Donate Stock To American SPCC” button below, and follow the easy prompts. Stock Donator provides a secure, fast, and simple TM web-enabled service for you to donate stock to directly to American SPCC, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization.

Step 1

As a stock donor, you will login to and enter the necessary information to securely make your stock donation, including:

  1. The specific stock and number or shares.
  2. Selecting the receiving organization.
  3. Identifying personal and brokerage information.

Step 2

All the information you entered will be collected and verified, and the required forms you need to send onto your Brokerage Firm will be generated.

Step 3

As certain Brokerage Firms use Medallion Signatures (MS) as an additional means to validate the donation request, the next step is dependent upon your Brokerage Firm’s MS requirement:

  1. For those Brokerage Firms not requiring a MS, Stock Donator electronically transfers the request directly to the Brokerage Firm.
  2. For those brokerages requiring a MS, Stock Donator provides the forms to the Donor, who in turn must (1) go to a financial institution, (2) receive a MS, and then (3) send the completed form to the Brokerage Firm.

Step 4

Stock Donator receives your stock donation from your Brokerage Firm. They securely process the sale of stock transaction.

Step 5

The net proceeds of the stock sale are sent directly to America SPCC via check, minus any fees and service charges incurred during the transaction.

Step 6

To complete the process, Stock Donator will provide you with a transaction receipt needed to claim your tax deduction for your generous donation of stock.