Crowdfunding is a great way for caring people like you to change the world!

By sharing with your friends, you can have a much greater impact on child abuse, neglect, bullying, and more. Start your campaign to support kids today!

Create your own crowdfunding campaign to help end child abuse in all forms, and help improve the lives of abused and bullied children in America.

Support and share a crowdfunding campaign designed to advocate for children and increase social awareness of the epidemic of child abuse and bullying in America.

Crowdfunding Sites

Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook fundraiser allows you to create fundraising campaigns for the American SPCC on your Facebook account. You can also check out our Facebook page to support and share existing campaigns.

Crowdfunding for American SPCC on Crowdrise


Crowdrise is one of the most recognized crowdfunding sites. It allows you to create your own campaign for the American SPCC.  You can also support and share campaigns that are already active. Start now!


GoFundMe  makes fundraising for the American SPCC simple. You can create your own fundraiser or lend your support to an existing campaign. It’s so easy to get started!

American SPCC is a 501(c) 3 top-rated nonprofit organization (federal tax ID 27-4621515).
Charitable donations are tax deductible.