Children & Chronic Pain

Child abuse needs to stop and education is the key.
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Over 1.7 Million Children in the US are Suffering from Chronic Pain.

Many children show signs of chronic pain, but it often goes unnoticed or untreated.

Signs your child is in pain: abdominal pain, headaches, changes in sleep or eating pattern, refusing to move, reduced social relationships and symptoms of anxiety and depression.

If you suspect your child is suffering from chronic pain, listen to what your child is telling you and watch how they are behaving. By focusing on keeping your child involved with their peers and trying to maintain those connections can help them cope with their illness.

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Bowtie Kids offers K.E.E.S (Kids Experiencing Empowered Support) a monthly peer to peer support group which is a fun, safe, uplifting, and interactive environment where children and parents can build a supportive community.

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The abuse may be brief, but the trauma lasts a lifetime.
Kids’ lives and futures are on the line!
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Children & Chronic Pain