7 Fun Things Dads Can Do With Their Kids

Aug 31, 2021 | Children, Fatherhood, Fathers, Parenting, Positive Parenting

Children like the moments when, in the process of learning about the world and discovering new things, they are accompanied by a parent. However, there are dads who do not know how to play, or they just do not have enough interesting ideas for spontaneous play. Many parents are convinced that a child can play alone because the ability to have fun is something natural. However, parents can think outside of the box of just building blocks or assembling the same puzzle over again. Here are some ways that parents and children perceive entertainment and ideas for some educative games.


The Best Games for Children And Their Dads 

Most games are about improving coordination, physical development, observation and concentration training. During play, first interests are formed, while allowing kids to understand the world and the laws within it. For a child, the presence of an adult is the presence of a guide who can provide a how-to or offer new interesting ideas. Games are some of the most powerful intellectual stimulators. In addition, shared entertainment is very important, and when accompanied by one parent the child can feel a sense of intimacy, joy, and security. Here are some of the best games for children and their dads:

  1. Dixit, this game is a set of bright cards with a variety of drawings and helps to develop associative thinking in children, the ability to describe, invent, fantasize, and at the same time – better understand the associations of others. It will be interesting not only for children but for adults too. This is, perhaps, one of the most easy to understand games. Ages 5-6 years to any (although the game indicates from 8, we are convinced that it will be interesting to play even with a younger child, especially if the game is attended by other older children). The number of players ranges from 3 to 8.
  2. Kullerbu Ball Track is a rollercoaster track on which balls roll. You can build different structures from the same parts, and when everything is correctly assembled, the balls roll along the entire length of the grooves. All the parts fit together, so even if you have several children building, you can assemble one large track from them. Assembling the structure is not so easy, so dad’s help is welcomed.
  3. Lego or any building blocks like Lego is a great creative game for a parent to play with their child. Especially since you can also build special edition sets such as a race care, pirate ship, or an incredible robot.
  4. Charades and Pictionary, on task cards, the words are not only written but also drawn (for children who cannot read yet). The game will help kids learn to clearly form and express their thoughts as they act out concepts or draw them in an easy-to-understand way. All ages. The number of players is normally 3, but if necessary, you can play together (mom + dad + several children). 
  5. Terra Kids research box. Observing beetles, snails, spiders, and butterflies in their own habitat is exciting and rewarding. Air holes in the lid and a tight locking top allow you to safely and securely hold nature’s precious creatures for exploration before returning them to the wild. This is great for dads and kids to get outside while learning about nature.
  6. Dobble, the game is a set of round cards with bright pictures of different shapes (snowflake, kitten, dragon, pencil). The game will help to develop your children’s attentiveness, ability to react quickly, as well as, provide excitement and a cheerful atmosphere to the whole family! Interesting for children and adults of all ages, ranging from ages 6 and up. A regular time of a single play is from 15 to 30 minutes, with the number of players needed from 2 to 8.
  7. Jenga, a game for coordination of movements, attention, and endurance for the whole family. During the game, players pull wooden, rectangular blocks out from under the bottom of a tower and stack them on top. So as your tower grows, gaps are formed until the tower eventually collapses! Who will cause the collapse of the tower? Age ranges from 6 to adults of any age, while the number of players can be from 1 to the whole family.



Explore The World Together


Games can provide very useful lessons and skills, as well as develop the foundation of problem solving that can be applied later in life. In addition, they aid in the development of cognitive, emotional, and social spheres. It is through play that a child can also navigate situations that are difficult, unpleasant, or incomprehensible for them. Gameplay can train and develop a child’s social behavior, principles of cooperation, and all the skills necessary for effective functioning in a group setting.




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