To Hurt Is Not Kind. #THINK! Verbal abuse IS child abuse! #ChildrenMatter #StopVerbalAbuse #AmericanSPCC

To Hit Is Not Kind. #THINK! Hitting is NOT OK! #ChildrenMatter #StopChildAbuse #PositiveParenting #AmericanSPCC

To Humiliate Is Not Kind. THINK! Bullying is NOT OK! Speak up. Be the Change #bullying #nobullying #AmericanSPCC

Think before you speak
Think before you act
Think before you bully
Think before you shake a baby
Think before you hit/spank


Think before you hurt a child

Words and Actions Can Be Violent…THINK!
Words and Actions Can Hurt…THINK!
Words and Actions Can Leave Deep Scars…THINK!

Be the change…
Break the cycle of abuse…
Make a difference…


  • Stop what you are thinking

  • Stop what you are saying

  • Stop what you are doing

  • STOP

  • Think about your thoughts

  • Think about what you are saying

  • Think about what you are doing


  • Choose to be the change

  • Change your thoughts & Words

  • Change your actions & Behavior


Be the change. Be the solution.
Encourage an atmosphere of non-violence. Choose respect, kindness, compassion, and acceptance.
You can choose a different outcome by choosing better thoughts, words, and actions.
Make a positive difference in your life. Make a positive difference in the life of a children.

Spread the Word to raise public awareness and shine a light on the epidemic of child abuse, neglect, and bullying. Speak up because kids can't.

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