My mother is a domestic violence survivor. Her ex-husband threw her down the stone stairs in the backyard. It was an hour before I found her. She could barely speak, her tongue was heavy, and she couldn’t move. I was SO anguished to see my mother suffer like this. My mother who always gives without a second thought and who is always there for everyone.

My mother who is a great mom.

After leaving him, and the approval of our VAWA visa, my mom and I have lived persecuted for years and until this very day we suffer from bullying abuse online – cyberbullying.  Lies have been spread on more than 300 forums and websites, that destroyed our lives.
And even after all this, I just want to speak to survivors heart to heart and say: there is still hope. Miracles do exist. Keep fighting because it’s worth it and the truth will set you free.
Thank You American SPCC for giving me a VOICE.

October 19, 2017