While growing up, I was always small for my age, I had buck teeth and an afro of thick curly hair, all plenty of ammunition for the bullies I attended school with. Throughout my elementary school years, I was picked on mercilessly by the “dominant forces” around me.

After finishing college, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. Everyone told me to “write what you know,” so I picked a topic that always scared me more than the vampires in my favorite novel, ‘Salem’s Lot’, bullies. My experiences as a victim provided the biggest inspiration for writing my novel, The Bullying Effect.  I feel that when people read The Bullying Effect, they will discover that they are not alone in their victimhood.

I feel that through my writing, I really had a chance to fight back against my bullies since I can influence younger generations of today. My novel was written to facilitate an in-depth discussion among the youths (and adults too) who experienced or are currently experiencing bullying. My greatest hope is that my novel will become a driving force for children and teens (even adults) to connect, provide awareness, and address the real issues that youth are facing.

I hope you take advantage of the resources that were not available during my time. The generations of today are lucky to have books, help centers, and resources that are easily accessible on websites like www.americanspcc.org, where the youth themselves can share their stories, learn from others, and have their voices heard regarding their respective encounters with bullying.

—Joseph Jefferson, Author of The Bullying Effect

Good news! For every The Bullying Effect book purchased through this link, Amazon will donate a portion of the sale to American SPCC. No out of pocket expense to you!  What a great way to help kids in need!




August 29, 2018