American SPCC a 2017 Top Rated Nonprofit at GreatNonprofits. Leave us a review.

American SPCC a 2017 Top Rated Nonprofit | GreatNonprofitsThe reason I love this charity is because they are very forward thinking in their approach to getting information out there. They actually provide on their website, pre-made memes, and all the instructions on how you would share them on your own social media. They have a wealth of resources and information that has been collected and put in one location for easy access for anyone who needs help. Lastly they are focused on finding solutions from the youth of today. This is highly effective for 2 reasons: young people know best how to communicate to their peers and have new fresh ideas and also  they are going to be the next generation of parents, so raising their awareness of the issue of Child Abuse is taking a proactive and hopefully preventative stance.

April 8, 2017

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