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I was sexually abused by my biological father between the ages of 10 and 14. I am currently 38. My father was also physically abusing my mother. In that time sexual abuse was not out in the world as it is today. Things were kept secret and help was not really well established. The pain was so severe for me that I attempted suicide a few times and ended up in a psychiatric hospital where I spent one week in one location and then a few months in another. Once I was taken out of the hospital and a couple months later my mother moved me to Florida. I was entering the 8th grade at this time.
About two months later, my father moved back in with us. I had to make a choice for my on safety. I threatened my father with a knife and then I kept myself busy. I volunteered at a local hospital, I worked three jobs, was in ROTC at school, on the dance team, and spent time with my friends. I was hardly home but to sleep. I keep that same work ethic today because I do not know any other way.
I graduated high school, I got my AA, BS, and am currently in school finishing up on my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have strived in my life to help other children. Every year I teach about abuse to middle and high school students to help bring awareness and show them they are not alone. I have also been a Guardian Ad Litem for five years and I currently work with children with mental health issues.
If I can make it anyone can. It is about stopping the cycle and taking back YOU.
I am a mother of three teens and married to a great guy.
My struggles are being fought daily but nothing will stop me from my success.
American SPCC believes that childhood should be fun for kids, a time to learn, be nurtured and loved. 
But the harsh reality is that millions of children in America experience devastating childhoods, with long-term debilitating effects.  Child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying are at epidemic levels.
Take the pledge if you believe that no child deserves to be abused or bullied. Take the pledge to be a social guardian and advocate for American children. 
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November 15, 2017

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