My beautiful daughter Claire has been cyber bullied for over a year. I, as her mother, took action after the first occurrence and removed her from public school and put her in private school 45 minutes from home. Yes it has been a struggle but whatever it takes.
The bully posted on Musically the first time “(my daughters full name) is white trash. No one like her because she’s not worth it.”
I went straight to the school and nothing major was done. Now that my daughter has been away from this bully for over a year, she still pursues my child. She created a Snapchat under a fake name in which is my daughters real friends name and friended Claire (my daughter). We had no way of knowing until Claire received the messages revealing the truth the day before I, her mother, had brain surgery for my seizures. Claire had already been under immense stress because of the risks of my surgery. I had only had seizures 5 years so this is not something our family dealt with her whole life. This horrible bully told my child she would “be laughing at mine and my daughters funeral” and “she hopes I die.” This sent my daughter to a bad place mentally where she no longer wanted to live. I have involved the police and they had a meeting with the parents. I have found out the DA refuses to press charges on a 12 year old normally. This child even bullied the student teacher last year in 5th grade.
We must protect our kids. My daughter is 11 years old! I am fed up of seeing young kids kill themselves over bullying because law enforcement can’t do anything, despite the law! It MUST stop!

January 30, 2018

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