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So my story might not be a big one but it definitely hurt me.
I remember only being in at least third or fourth grade and there was this bully who was a lot bigger than me. I was a short kid and I just said ¨hi, was it because of me saying hi at the wrong time or even me just walking by that made you want to bully, thinking I was just a punching bag with your words being the fist punching me down and hurting me until I break into tears? Well I’m sorry that I don’t think of myself that way. I think of myself as a great person who may be a little shy. Even though that’s what I am that never gives the right to put me down.¨
That’s my story.  If I ever get called a name, I just say I’m not what they say I am.  I’m my own person and if nobody likes that they can move on because their words will never hurt me anymore.
Not as much as they used to.
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December 8, 2017

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