I’m a foster kid.
I have seven siblings and only three of them are biological.  The foster system did the one thing they swore they’d never do, split me and my two closest siblings up.  The other sibling I have only had the opportunity to meet twice.  I still love him just as strong.
I’ve been to three different high schools and I am a junior.
I’ve almost been adopted twice.  But I was, in the end, deemed as not ¨family material¨.
I have four moms and the one who gave birth to me is not in my life.
I have three dads and the one who is responsible for my existence has been (thankfully) absent for the past 13 years.
I’ve lived in Elwood, Marion, Wabash, Columbus, Westfield, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, Sharpsville, Roann, Huntington, Peru, Gary, Logansport, Edinburgh and countless other cities that I can no longer remember the names of.
My story does not make sense to you, does it? It’s confusing isn’t it? But it is all true.
I’ve lived in every type of place that is and is not a house.  I’ve moved more times than I can remember and the longest I’ve stayed at one school without moving was less than a full school year.
Although I am a foster kid with an ugly childhood, I don’t have a single charge under my name and I’ve never had one.  I’ve never been arrested, never faced expulsion, never been to juvenile detention.  I’ve never disrespected a police officer.  I’ve never experienced teenage pregnancy and I was NOT the cause of my removal.
Although I am a foster kid, I am happy.
Stereotypes of the system are not beating me down, and the statistics and odds of my future are not going to stop me.
Never blame your past for who you will become.  You and only you are the author of your story.
People will add their parts in, but you will ultimately write your own path.
American Society for the Positive Care of Children believes all children deserve a safe, healthy and happy home.
Currently there are over 428,000 American children and youth in foster care.  Over 112,000 of these children are waiting to be adopted and welcomed to their forever home.
American SPCC’s goal is to increase national awareness and bring attention to the need for permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. foster care system.
We encourage you to join us as we shine a light on adoption and the challenges and needs of foster children. 
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November 7, 2017