My story begins at the age of eleven in sixth grade. I had a classmate that was a bully and had it out for me. He processed to try and knock my head against a brick wall and hurt me. Fortunately a person passing by saw what was happening and stopped him.  The next year at the start of seventh grade in a new school, I again was the target of some new bullies who pushed me against the lockers and knocked my books out of my hands and kicked them down the hallway.

The next year my body started to change. I had a chemical imbalance in my brain and did not know what was happening but, found out 36 years later after twice trying to commit suicide that I was suffering from major depression. I was saved the first time by divine intervention.  The second time an angel in the human form appeared to me and spent two and half hours talking to me and took me for lunch and saved my life.

In 2006 a HR Director told me that she would help me get the help I needed, and it was then that I was diagnosed with major depression, ADD and panic attacks. After going to a psychiatrist and being put on medication I felt like a whole new person. I started writing and published my story in a book titled Resurrection From Depression on, did a radio show on the internet and started speaking out about my illness. I found out that you can live with depression and lead a very productive life. Suicide is NOT the answer.

I am a believer and supporter of American SPCC because I feel as adults we need to be our children’s protectors. We need to give them the very best chance of growing up in a world that is very different then the one I grew up in.
As I always ended my radio with this saying, I will end my story with it. You are only one person in the world but, you may be the WORLD to one person.

—Lloyd Rosen, Survivor

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As the Nation’s Voice for Children, American SPCC is ensuring that every child in America has a chance at becoming an outstanding adult.

July 25, 2018

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