Growing up with epilepsy. I wasn’t teased face to face. But they didn’t know that the first thing that came back, even while the seizure was still in process was my hearing. I could hear what other kids were saying about me. Many of them were not really who I though they were. The ‘true colors’ came out. That really hurt. It left longlasting scars. I’d been tricked. At home, every time I tried to do something new or different, mom would say; “no, don’t do that. What if you have a seizure?” I heard it over and over again. I began to believe that I couldn’t do anything right. And I kept hearing it over and over again. I still battle that to this day.  No one ever talks about the effects of emotional abuse.

—Lexi, Age 17

Just as physical injuries can scar and incapacitate a child, emotional maltreatment can cripple and handicap a child emotionally, behaviorally and intellectually. Learn more about the signs and impact of emotional child abuse and where to turn to for help. Visit: www.americanspcc.org/emotional-child-abuse


August 17, 2018

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