On July 1, 1998, I thought I was going to die.
I thought my ex-husband was going to kill me in front of my two oldest sons. My ex-husband beat me pretty bad. I endured domestic violence before I married him. All the warning signs were there, but I still thought he loved me. Thankfully we have no children together.  I have four sons before we were married.
He informed me that he had an alcohol and drug issue when we first met. He  was sober a few months when we met. My ex-husband was handsome and charming. I must admit that my self-esteem was low and was in a state-of-mind of looking for love. My ex-husband and I met at company where we worked. We dated for a very short time and by the third month, we were married. There was several instances of physical and verbal abuse before he attacked me. The most serious incident occurred in front of my sons. My oldest son, who was in his early teens when my ex-husband attacked me, saved my life. My ex-husband never abused my children. I hated that my sons had to see me being beaten.
After my recovery, my sons and I went to family counseling. I want women and men to know that you have to love yourself and your children more and not to tolerate any kind of abuse. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Afterwards, I enrolled in school despite the two black eyes and bruises to get more training to financially take care of my family. I’ve never allowed anyone to disrespect or treat me in a negative way. Domestic Violence can happen to anyone. I have supported domestic violence causes in my area to give back what so many caring individuals helped me and my family go through. #Survivor
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January 11, 2018