Dear Future Self,
I am writing you this letter to inform you about the person that I am today and everything that I value. Throughout my life, I have been through personal struggles, depression, false hope, and much more, but it is those experiences that made me who I am today and the things that I value start to show.
Currently, I am 19 years old attending Cal State LA for my first year. I can tell you that this experience so far is much different than the experiences that I have held in the past and that the values that I had were different than the values that I keep today.
My previous experiences take place all throughout middle school until high school. I went to Daniel Webster Middle School, which I never thought of as a choice for me to go to for middle school. My 6th grade year was nothing special, but probably my best year referring to my mental health status. I made some friends and had some great teachers, but I never felt like I truly was a part of anything and that was only the beginning of that feeling.
During the beginning of my 7th grade year, I felt like I belong and was a part of a group. I made a lot of friends and people really thought I was an interesting person to be around. Towards the end of 7th grade, this happy feeling soon became temporary as I found out that most of the people that I called “friends”, were not really my friends at all. Some of those friends began to show me how they really felt about me as many told me that I was weird and they tried to avoid me as much as possible. This was the start of my depression and the end of any happy feelings.
My 8th grade year made it much worse for me as I began feeling isolated like no one wanted to be around me. Each group that I used to belong to decided that I wasn’t really a part of that group in the first place. Most groups told me to go away while in other groups, people decided to run away from me because I was weird. These experiences made me value trust, kindness, and sensitivity, but a lack of resiliency, strength, and self-care. These experiences and values changed who I was, but I am grateful for it because it has made me who I was in high school.
My high school experiences shaped me to become the person that I am today. During the beginning of high school, the feelings of depression and false hope came with me and it showed through facial expressions, mood, and my grades. I had decent grades but feelings from the past haunted me because I believed all the things that people told me. I still believed that I was a weirdo, loser, loner, ugly, smelly, etc. The feelings of false hope faded away when my parents told me to think of who I wanted to be when I am older. In 11th grade, I decided that I wanted to become a psychologist, so I took AP psychology as one of my classes in my senior year. That class gave me a new perspective on life. By the time I was in that class my profession changed from being a psychologist to a therapist. The lessons that I learned from that class about the way people think and why people feel a certain way always interest me. I thought to myself that there are probably more people in the world that have been through similar struggles that I had faced, so I want to be the person that makes sure that they do not have to feel the pain and suffering anymore.
Future self, the thing that I want you to do is to look back at all of your past experiences and look who you are today and compare. Find all the values that you once had, take away the negatives and figure out how you changed them to positive ones. The experiences that I have faced made me the person that I am today. With the thought of becoming a therapist, my values in life have changed.
Currently, I value honesty because I like to tell the truth whether it is good or bad, so people can learn from their mistakes if they have made one. I value resiliency for all the people that have struggled with depression, and even suicide, but continue to fight and try to find happiness in their lives. I value being generous to others because I believe that there are not a lot of kind people in society. These values come from the people that bring me strength and passion to keep working hard and that is all the people that have felt depression and personal issues. As I move forward in the future, I plan on keeping these values and share it with everyone that I meet. These values and stories of my past experiences would be a great thing to tell future clients going through the same things that I was going through at this time. Never forget who you once were as a person and realize that others feel the same way. The people that have never experienced these struggles can learn how to help others to cope and manage their stress or depression that they are facing.
Throughout my journey so far, I would like you to look back on this and remember these experiences because this is what makes you who you are today. For my future self, I have one value that I keep true to myself. To not conform to others. As a human that has been through tough issues and hard times, I learned to never change who I am for anybody because you should not change who you are for anybody that criticizes or judges you in any shape or form. If anyone decides to do any of this, I advise you to step away from them and think about who is really with you and who you really trust because trust is very important in your life.

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April 2, 2018