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Growing up, decades ago, on The Grand Concourse in the Bronx, New York, I was severely bullied daily, by two sisters and their two younger brothers. They stuck lit punks in my face, cut off chunks of my long hair, threw me off my bike and broke my leg, and on and on. I vowed, as a ten year old child, that if I survived, I would do something to make sure others could be helped, so they would not have to suffer alone, as I did, for years.
As an adult, I wrote Bully No More!, an anti-bullying musical that played to thousands of kids and their families at The Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in Stowe, Vermont. I spent the next five years, full time, looking for a publisher. Tams-Witmark Music Library, the oldest and most successful licensor of Broadway shows, validated the quality and timely importance of the script and score, and released Bully No More! on October 2nd, 2017, World Day of Bullying Prevention. This persuasive, 60-75 minute musical is available for licensing in the US and Canada. My goal is to introduce it to upper elementary thru high schools throughout the United States and Canada.
There was no one to help me, when I was younger. Now, I can make a difference. AND, a portion of all royalties will go to children in crisis and to prevent child abuse. I am one person and cannot do it all, although I spend hours each day writing individual emails. Perhaps through national information memos, pamphlets, etc., there is a way to reach out to all the states.
If schools know about the show, they can go to the Tams-Witmark web site and listen to the 18 songs, read a synopsis, and get information about performing Bully No More! There are nine actors. A chorus can be added. Roles are flexible, and can be played by performers of ANY age OR gender.
Bully No More! is entertaining, inspiring, and educational. It does not preach, but it does teach!
The web site is www.tamswitmark.com/shows/bully-no-more.
We have amazing endorsements and we are just getting started:
Bernie Sanders, Senator and Presidential Candidate
“Bully No More! is a wonderful effort to educate children about bullying and what they can do to prevent it. Bravo!”
Jerry Greenfield, Founder of Ben & Jerry’s
“I am so happy to know that Bully No More! is available to schools and theater groups everywhere! Our kids need and deserve support about bullying. Learning non-violent, inclusive ways to solve problems like bullying is critical for building healthy communities, where all our kids and families can thrive. The characters and scenes where kids were bullied seem true to life. Bully No More! is a must-see-musical offering both wisdom and positive ways for kids to overcome bullying. Not only that, but it is thoroughly entertaining! So, if you are thinking about putting on a show, one that IS both fun AND speaks to kids’ experience, Bully No More! would definitely be my pick!”
Lou Bivona, Founder of Bivona Child Advocacy Center, and Board Chairman of The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children, NY
“Bully No More! presents the ideal opportunity to teach children about bullying and its ramifications. The upbeat musical generates effective methods of dealing with a serious and overwhelming issue that plagues too many of our children. I strongly support this unique musical, Bully No More! and its mission to model effective strategies. Thanks for working to bring a better understanding to poor human behavior and an effort to change it.”
Senator Patrick Leahy
“Over 35 years ago, when I was a prosecutor, we all knew of the problems of bullying. Today, with all the various electronic media and ways of communicating, the problem is so much greater. Parents, teachers and students need to recognize the signs of bullying and unite against it. For our children’s sake let us hope Bully No More! can help. I believe it will.”
Linda E. Johnson, Executive Director, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont
“Media is one of the primary ways children, youth, and adults learn. The music and characters in Bully No More! have tremendous potential to teach and affect behavior, attitudes, and beliefs, which everyone can share and spread.”
former Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin
“Too often we hear about the negative, sometimes tragic consequences of bullying, and I applaud the efforts of everyone involved in Bully No More! and thank them for their hard work to raise awareness of the problem.”
Mike Curtis, Writer of Dick Tracy
“It’s not often that a fresh new musical comes along that shines the spotlight on a subject most would rather not discuss. Bully No More! tells a story too many have experienced, using familiar creatures with whom one can identify. Bullying starts early in life, and sets one on a path of infringing on the rights of others. Many never grow up, going through life thinking that might makes right. It has to be faced and corrected early, and this musical tries to do just that. Excellent music and writing make this a must see for the whole family!”
This is my story and if I can get this message to schools everywhere, tens of thousands of children can be reached and supported. I will continue to rally to the cry of Bully No More!
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Together with our community of caring supporters, we give a voice to the ‘voiceless’ — the abused, neglected, bullied, and marginalized children of America. 
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November 15, 2017

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