American SPCC Bullied Teen-Share Your Story

American SPCC Bullied Teen-Share Your Story
When I was in middle school nobody ever wanted to be my friend. At first it was okay because I was new to the school and needed time.
It had been a while and people still didn’t really like me.
Soon a group of girls started going out of their way to make me feel bad. They would spread rumors and lies to make me look bad and even more people resented me.  It never stopped.  When I reached out to the principal she said “We don’t like to use the word bully loosely.”  I wasn’t.
It was causing me so much sadness,  I would go home and cry to my mother everyday.  She went to the school and confronted the matter and it stopped for awhile.  One day it was just so hard to be called names and people laughing at me and being so alone, that I started getting really depressed and I started to cut myself.  It turned into a really bad habit and I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.
All I wanted was a friend.
That’s all that could have saved me from the haunting past I now have to live with today.
Bullying is one of the biggest causes of death by suicide.  I vowed that I would always be there for whoever needed me no matter if they had wronged me in the past. I recently lost my friend Jayla to suicide because she was bullied and she never reached out to anyone.
It hurts me to think that she suffered so long but didn’t tell anyone.
It is often the nicest and most brilliant people who get bullied and it isn’t fair.
I want to help make a change.  I want to change people’s ways.  I will always stand up for what’s right for my sake and my past friends.
Save a life and stop a bully.
—Kayleigh P.

May 24, 2017

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