Because of some local notoriety that I’ve received growing up, I have been an easy target for bullying. I am a singer/songwriter/performer who travels around Wisconsin providing inspirational solo-concerts at many public and private events. Unfortunately, it’s popular and entertaining in school for kids (and some teachers) to openly NOT like me. I don’t have any kid friends because I don’t swear and talk teenage smack. I am regularly in the news for my work and consistent attraction to my music–I’ve recently been approached by a book-author to partner in writing my biography. I’ve changed schools twice and just left a private Catholic school (2.25 years) to attend an online academy.
In seventh grade, eating lunch alone was a regular occurrence. –Kids would scatter and laugh at me from a distance. One day my basketball coach (who was also my English teacher) physically threw me into the chairs during a game. My school counselor and principal denied that a kid with my fame could be having such a problem. It was then that I wrote a song called “Me, Myself, and I (and my Ukulele)”.

At that time, I didn’t know how to play the ukulele, I didn’t even own one. But the thought of playing it made me feel better–like it was something I could depend on. I often included the song in my concerts, and it started to get requests. Several months ago, a local film director, Steven Heil, offered to create a music video of the song.
—Franki Jo, Artist Songwriter

May 20, 2017