I would like to share with you what people said and did to me when I went to high school from 2002-2006. They told me I would never have any friends. That I am different. That I am funny looking. That I will never be the same. They called me a dork. A lot of people were mean to me because I was different. Not only because I looked different but I was getting a feeding every single day at a certain time.

These are the things that some of the people said to me regularly while I was in High School. Some of the teachers thought I was stupid and dumb. I was accused of harassment in school. One person thought I had a knife in my book bag. All of this nasty stuff, I had to go through. A lot of this bullying that went on was when I had to get my feeding at the school as well. They picked on me for a variety of things. It never seemed to go away while I was there.

This was all due to having disabilities.

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October 30, 2017

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