We believe that childhood should be fun for kids. A time to learn, be nurtured, and loved. Childhood shouldn’t hurt, but the harsh reality is that for many American kids, childhood not only hurts, but is often fatal. Millions of American children experience devastating childhoods, with long-term debilitating effects. In America, children are being abused and dying every day. Child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying are at epidemic levels in the United States.
American SPCC is devoted to promoting social change to end abuse, leading to a safer, healthier, and happier world for children. Our resources are invaluable to those in need, when seeking help with child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, exploitation, trafficking, bullying, foster care, domestic violence, Shaken Baby Syndrome, child safety, positive parenting, and more. Our advocacy, awareness, and education initiatives are utilized nationwide by tens of thousands each month, empowering parents, caregivers, professionals, and society to nurture and protect American children.

Social Impact. End Child Abuse. Improve Children’s Lives!

American SPCC - Bullying

American SPCC - Child Abuse

American SPCC - Cyberbullying

American SPCC - Domestic Violence as Child Abuse

American SPCC - Foster Care

American SPCC - Positive Parenting

American SPCC - Sexual Child Abuse

American SPCC - Shaken Baby Syndrome - Never Shake a Baby!

American SPCC - Need Help? Child Abuse Child Neglect Bullying & more

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