Supporting the Cause

Marcus Carter

I’m Marcus Carter, a 19-year-old attending Cal State LA. My major is psychology and I plan on becoming a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor or LPCC. For a while, I thought of becoming either a therapist or a counselor and I ended up deciding on becoming a counselor because I still can help people which I enjoy doing and I don’t have to diagnose people for medication.

My goals in life are to decrease depression and suicide rates because I believe that it is sad to see someone so sad and hurt to the point where they feel like killing themselves is the only solution. I believe that most people should find ways to be happy and enjoy life like many people do. It’s up for people to help those that are lost and want to become healthy.

The reason why I decided to volunteer at American SPCC is because I found something that connected with me, something that I felt like I could make a difference for the greater good. There are so many good topics and issues that American SPCC supports which is one of the reasons why volunteering here made perfect sense.

The main issues that I stand for is bullying, suicide prevention, and depression. I believe that the world should be a better place for everyone to live in and I believe that volunteering at American SPCC is the perfect way to get things going.