The Guiding Principles are the values supporting our organization to effectively fulfill our mission and vision. American SPCC uses a multi-platform approach to advocate for children, raise public awareness of the epidemic of childhood abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying in America, promote positive parenting, and provide educational and help resources. The goal of our platform is to ultimately promote social change to end all forms of child abuse, leading to a safer, healthier, and happier world for children. Read more.

  1. Advocate for Children
  2. Raise Awareness
  3. Promote Social Change


  • ADVOCATE: American SPCC advocates for children, inspiring a societal change in beliefs relating to child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying within the United States of America.
  • AWARENESS: American SPCC raises public awareness and creates greater visibility of the potential, current, and long-term effects as associated with the national epidemic of childhood abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying in America.
  • COMMUNITY: American SPCC builds and supports an active, caring community bringing together many like-minded individuals into one cohesive voice for the ‘voiceless’ — the abused, neglected, bullied, and marginalized children of America.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: American SPCC acts as a coordinating organizer, aligning with complementary organizations, developing partnerships with groups, agencies, and organizations possessing similar missions and visions relating to childhood abuse, neglect, exploitation, and bullying in America.
  • YOUTH: American SPCC encourages youth leadership, through the development of a Youth Advisory Board, Youth Ambassador Program, internships, group clubs, and social outreach campaigns.
  • NATIONAL LEADER: American SPCC is building recognition as an organizational national leader in advancing social change for positive outcomes in the areas of child and youth welfare, and children’s rights.

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