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    Please post your ideas about the best way to approach your children if you are concerned they are using/abusing drugs or alcohol.



    I really believe keeping an open conversation about sex, drugs, and alcohol is important with teenagers. They have to feel like they can trust you enough to talk to you about things they are experiencing or things they see at a party for example. A lot of teenagers won’t talk because they are scared of getting in trouble or their parents getting mad at them. Parents have to try not to get mad but instead guide their teen to help if necessary and make sure they report anything that they see or hear that makes them feel uncomfortable.



    This is a great question. My kids are still young but everyone tells me it’s hard when they are teenagers and this is the reason why. My parents didn’t educate me on this and I suffered some repercussions and ended up getting in trouble a lot in high school for drugs and alcohol and got pregnant at age 16. I wish my parents had of been more open to talk about this kind of stuff instead of clouding it with so much shame.



    It seems the more open parents are with their children, the more they are willing to talk openly about these issues and get the proper guidance they need. You often see the children of parents who are the most strict tend to hide the most from their parents, which unfortunately can put them in a dangerous situation from time to time. Ie. being afraid to call their parents to pick them up from a party versus driving home with a drunk driver. The important thing is ease of communication and ensuring your child they won’t get in trouble for doing the right thing.



    Always keep drugs an open topic that they know they can talk to you about. Especially friends that can tempt them etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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