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    Who do children turn to when they are struggling with abuse, socio-emotional or emotional health issues? The truth is that the smallest members of our society are often left feeling alone and suffering in silence, believing they have nowhere to turn or too ashamed to ask for help.

    The American Society for the Positive Care of Children (ASPCC) is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children today, tomorrow and in the future. To this end, we have created a simple, smart resource that reaches out to children to let them know where to find help when they need it.

    The ASPCC Little Card (TLC) Saves Lives campaign provides printed pocket resource cards that include the top national hotlines able to assist with a variety of needs. These life saving cards are then distributed to law enforcement professionals, counselors, teachers, and nurses so they can share them with families or children in need.

    We view this as an extension of the “get help” section of our website, and we feel it is important to provide a printed card because those who need it most may not have reliable access to the website during a time of crisis.

    We are encouraging Americans to “Spread some TLC” by assisting with the printing and distribution of TLC cards, helping us reach their goal of 1000, 000 distributed by the end of 2019. All that’s necessary to send these TLC Cards journeying across the country to help children in need is a commitment from organizations who are willing to circulate them – at no cost to themselves. The TLC cards can even provide a low-cost, high-impact advertising opportunity as the ASPCC are open to co-branding them with any willing partners in this project.

    These little pocket cards have the potential to save lives. We want them to be a physical reminder that people don’t have to live alone on an island of suffering. There are all kinds of free resources available, and we encourage people to find the strength to make that one phone call that could change their life.

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